Hey Everybody, My name is Khamani McNeal , I’m 15yrs old . I wanna be an Commercial Pilots & Air Traffic Control . I love to do planespotting everyday. I love to travel & fly on planes . My favorite airline is AirTran Airways . My favorite aircraft is MD88/MD90/Airbus 321/Boeing 757-200/ Boeing 717/Boeing 737’s. My Birthday is August 24 . I know all about planes & cities where they fly 2 . I have been to different states & cities .

I got nicknames that y’all can call me kman , mani, big man , kymani, etc…

I have an YouTube channel I do aviation videos and information videos about planes . Plz subscribe to my channel on YouTube: Khamani Aviation & Join The KA Family . If y’all wanna fly 2gether On Infinite Flight!! Just let me know on YouTube or on here the infinite flight community or Instagram the links to Instagram is it down below in the descriptions . Please Sub, Like the videos , stay tune for more videos , comment below , turn on the notifications and I will do live-streams . Welcome to The KA Family

I love to & I like to be realistic.
I use different callsigns like Southwest 726,etc. I like to do real charter flights routes Like American 9458 KPVD-KDFW Boeing 777-200ER & real flight routes with the real aircraft/ real callsigns Because I love it& I like to be realistic

Instagram: Khamani Aviation
YouTube: Khamani Aviation

If u want to ask me an question , just feel free to contact me or text me

Thanks, Khamani McNeal