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Hello! Thanks for reading! I’m a young aviation enthusiast, a fan of Delta Air Lines, Lives in America, and loves being on the IFC! If you wanna chat, feel free to shoot me a PM for a fun conversation, thanks for reading!

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Favorite plane: A380

Favorite Airline: Delta

Favorite Airport: JFK

Planned trips: JFK-TPA on board Deltas A319.

Devices: iPhone X
Microsoft Surface Go
(RIP iPad Pro)

Facts about me:
I first got into aviation when someone gifted me X-Plane 10.
I am Colorblind, protan To be exact
I have a learning disability, well 3 of them. Executive functioning disorder, disgraphia, and working memory disorder
I fly around once a year
I love all things related to Elon Musk

I love aviation and hope to be a pilot one day for Delta on their A321!
I run on EST