Hey, my name is Edward Mills.

I am the CEO of BitGames Mobile LLC, a company that creates mobile games for both Android and iOS.
So far we have a couple of games on the market - right now we are working on a MMORPG that let’s you take over territory in the real world.

I’m also a repair technician!!
Internal & External repairs - I enjoy the problem solving required to complete some of these repairs, not every device is the same and fun!

Trophy time!
Completed Devices to date June 2019

Volunteer at:

Some back history:

When I was younger I collected model airplanes and appreciated the engineering and innovation behind aviation.

As I grew older I learnt more about airplanes and how they worked, my interest and curosity has only grown more.

Traveling as a passenger on airlines is fun but one day I wish to be the pilot.

If I’m not working on consumer electronics or at BitGames Mobile LLC, you’ll find me on InfiniteFlight and its community forum.