About me

My name is Sebastian. I’m a 17 year old guy from Germany who loves going to the gym, to the golf club or to a party when not controlling or flying on the Expert Server in Infinite Flight. Aspiring Air Traffic Controller.

I really like the Airbus A320neo family and the A220. B777, B787 and the A350 are amazing as well! My favourite aircraft in Infinite Flight is the A320.

Regarding to Infinite Flight

Controlling radar, tower and ground on the Expert Server.
I joined…
IFAE on 05/04/19. (quit on 03/30/20)
IFATC on 10/20/18.
I was promoted to…
an IFATC Specialist on 10/27/18.
an IFATC Officer on 04/28/19.
an IFATC Tester on 09/14/19.
an IFATC Trainer on 04/21/20.
an IFATC Supervisor on 05/14/20.

My stats

Grade: 5
XP: 1.165.791
Flight time: 1442h 22min
Online flights: 1.894
Landings: 2.155
ATC ops: 83.650
(May 9th 2020)

My inbox is always open so feel free to leave me a message!