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Hey there! Thanks for checking out my profile, I hope you’re doing very well and healthy.

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First of all, I just want to make clear up something. When I talk about a plastic model kit, I don’t mean Gemini jets or that overpriced stiff, I am talking about real model kits that you put together yourself including painting it. Two good plastic model manufacturers are Revell and Zvezda.
If you have any questions or are seeking tips/recommendations, please PM me:)

My name is Rian, I come from Ireland, I live in The Hague, The Netherlands/Holland. I speak English, Dutch and currently learning French.

I loveeeeee music, I play guitar myself. I’m very chill in general, but just try not to challenge me about my taste of music:)

I love flying my rc plane and taking my dog for long walks🙃
I’m also mad into aviation photography.

My favourite aircraft is the Diamond DA-40. Not the -NG, but actually the ones with a cockpit with gauges. This aircraft holds a special place in my heart as it’s the very first aircraft I have ever taken off. Favourite commercial plane would be the B738, or 787 fam.
My favourite airline would either be Aer Lingus or Ryanair, they’re both Irish and have many different routes in Europe.
I love flying in very different regions and weather conditions, such as storms and low visibility. Most of the time, with that I mean 95% of the time, I fly in Europe, trying out some routes of a VA I’m preparing…
In the real world, I love assembling plane model kits such as Revell and Tamiya.


That more or less sums me up! If you've any questions about anything, feel free to DM me :^) Have a nice day!