Hey everyone, welcome to my profile! Here’s a bit about me:

Below I have a little story about myself.

So, one day, I woke up as a 9 year old boy, and I went to the village square. It’s just south of Delhi, a beautiful city with lots of rich and poor people, and the year is 1983. I had been born into a Dalit family, or more commonly referred to in western countries as “Untouchables”. The Indian caste system was in full swing, and if I was to ever step foot into Delhi, I would most probably be arrested by the police and beaten up as a little kid. So, after “getting ready” that morning, I went to my family’s shop, which was full of vegetables for fellow villagers that we had grown. I went into the shop, and I thought to myself, “I’m tired of doing the same old thing every day. I want to be like every other child.” So, I made a decision that day that I will never forget. I ran away and went to Delhi. I was adopted, forgotten that I was a dalit, and I started school. I went on to study at the Modern High School in Delhi, the most prestigious of it’s kind, became the “valedictorian” of my year. When I applied to college, my adopters told me to move to the south of India for the best engineering colleges. I told my parents that I wanted to move to the United States, and they were in absolute shock. They told me I should apply to a college called Stanford if I wanted to go to the US, and I would have to take the SATs. For the majority of my junior year, I was studying for a test I knew absolutely nothing about.

I flew for the first time of my life, on an Air India 747. I was in absolute shock of what I saw, with businessmen in suits and there was even a government official on my flight. I went to the USA, and I had my application for Stanford and Georgia. I loved both colleges, but then I got news. I was accepted into both colleges, and the rest is history.

So most of you aren’t reading anymore, but if you are, why am I telling you this story? Many of you are still young, maybe in college or in your primary/secondary school. No matter what your situation is, make the best of it. I am so glad to be living the American dream that I was sold on, which was moving to the US and starting a new life for yourself, whether you were an engineer or an entrepeneur. Social norms are a fantasy, and if you let that affect you, you will achieve nothing in life. I can’t tell you more that friends and connections will mean the world to you when you grow up. Have a good day and always remember, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

A Hopeful Man