Due to School, IGCSE/A levels, an Upgrade to FSX, and Shifting interests to Math (Calculus), Physics (Electricity) and Technology, Its the time to say Farewell Infinite Flight. (Not really Farewell, I will visit this Simulator on yearly-ish bases).

Welcome to my profile!
My name is Zaid Salameh (Known as salamander) and I am Jordanian🇯🇴

I was born in Irbid, Jordan.

Irbid is the 2nd biggest city in Jordan, 90km far from Amman, and 115km far from the Airport and 25 km far from Syria.
Irbid have 2 popular universities in the Middle East (JUST and Yarmouk). Irbid is very green in Spring!

I live in UAE in a small city called Ruwais🇦🇪

Ruwais is a small City in Abu Dhabi Emirate, 255km away from Abu Dhabi city, and 350km away from Dubai, and 120km away from Saudi Arabia. It is the city where all of the oil companies found, and for the residential area. We have got 3 schools, playgrounds, and recreation centers.

I have been interested in aviation since June 2014. Before I became an Avgeek, I used to like cars and Firetrucks. After my first flight (OJAI/AMM-HESH/SSH Jordan Aviation A320-211), I started reading a lot about Airplanes and play some simulators for beginners.
Then I discovered Infinite flight, so I bought it (in August 2014) and I started to fly.
After April 2015 Update, I officialy flew my first flight between 2 Airports, from WMKK to WSSS, the altitude was 1500ft, and after that flight I started to increase my alt 500ft per flight until I reached 15000 ft, at that moment, I bought live.
Then I started to learn about groups! Now I am here because of Infinite Flight!

This community and infinite flight taught me more than the school! (Update:- That is kinda outdated, Infinite Flight is the main reason why I am doing great in school, but tbh after discovering Calculus and Physics with its branches, those became my interest nowadays).

Favorite Airline:- Royal Jordanian

Favorite Aircrafts:- A350, A330 and B777

I Play Infinite Flight only in quarantines, or when I have a lot of free time. I usually use JY-BAC or JY-RJK as a Callsign, I usually use B787 Royal Jordanian, track me on www.liveflightapp.com !

Any more info you want? Questions? Or you want to chat? Write a message and throw it in the sea and I will check it!
Thanks for being in my profile and have a nice day👍🏼