Hi there! I exist. I am (as you know by now), an extraterrestrial interplanetary stuffed dog. I am a passionate avgeek and railfan, willing to go to any remote corner of the world to experience new forms of public transportation. I specialize in commercial airlines and airliners, along with high speed trains, long distance trains, and corridor trains. I am in love with Delta and Amtrak. Fun Fact: The Delta CEO once worked with Amtrak. I am really into tragic disasters (that’s dark) and learning information about them. I am currently learning about:

2013 Luxor Hot Air Balloon Crash

So, I go by the pseudonym “Nugget Fornia”. If you don’t know what “Nugget Fornia” is, look it up. Actually, don’t look it up. Nugget is the name of my oldest and most cherished stuffed animal, and he’s in almost every one of my classic profile pics. I am part of the Allegiant Virtual (ALVA), El Al Virtual (LYVA), and Aeroflot Virtual (AFLV). I am also the Chief Financial Officer for the VORG (if you don’t know what that is, ask @Rolls). I suggest you join these. I occasionally post streams, if you’re into that kinda thing. Anyway, if you want to fly with me, talk about life, ask a question, or roast me, feel free to contact me via PMs.

A Special Thanks to the Following People:
And anyone else who I’ve chatted with.

Have fun
Be nice
Stay safe
Be nice to the mods
Be nice to the devs
Be nice to the staff
Be nice to everyone in general
Don’t be abducted
Like cilantro
Don’t go to jail
I won’t pay your bail
(hey that rhymes)
Don’t do drugs
Don’t drunk drive
Respect everyone
Do not be jealous
We love you no matter what
We’re here for you.
We’re here to help.
Avoid the blacklist
Join a VA
Make friends.

If you’re new,

Welcome onboard. I hope you don’t get injured.