“Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things… We’re done here.”

This community used to be great. It isn’t anymore. I was here as one of the first even before the forums were originally created and the way the community as well as the moderator team developed itself saddens me.
Thinking outside of the box is frowned upon, criticizing is seen as Blasphemy. No disagreeing with mods, follow and agree with every questionable decision taken and don’t dare to argue any counter opinion.
Fun is mandatory or you will face the consequences (as seen below).

Ex-ATC Supervisor
Ex-Swiss Team Captain
Ex-Alpha Tester
Ex-Beta Tester

I want no part in this anymore.

Forum titles:
Master Baiter (Honorable title given by the one and only MaxMustang for exeptional services regarding salt mines)

Student in Mechanical Engineering & Sergeant Major in the Swiss Army.

Nobody missed me in a year so I doubt it is needed, but if you need me: nickart1342(at)