Howdy! My name is Ethan, but most in this community know me as MrMrMan.

I’ve made myself at home in Infinite Flight and in the Community, and here’s where I spend my time:

• Delta Virtual VA Manager imageedit_1_6894741613

I live in Monument, Colorado, which is just north of Colorado Springs. I’ve lived here for all of my life, and I love it here. Colorado is such a beautiful state!

I first got into aviation because my great-grandfather was a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War. Every time I see him, he always tells me stories. He also flew fixed wings after he got out. That originally sparked my interest into this wonderful world of aviation.

I also got into aviation because one of my friends started playing Infinite Flight. I later found the community, and then he did, then he found VAs, then I did. I’m happy I’ve found what I have, as it’s created an endless amount of possibilities for me.

Feel free to DM me with any questions/comments/concerns or if you just want to talk! I’m always open.

Profile picture by @ShadowOutlaw.