Hello guys, my name is Lawin better known as IFUAE. I’m 15 years old. I started my aviation career as a little kid watching youtube videos from infinite flight. then there was a day I wanted to buy and realized that I couldn’t because it costed money. then in 2018, I got my own credit card when I saw the opportunity to buy, I did it! I also joined the IFC in September 2018. I was so hyped and excited to play the game, but sadly I didn’t know how to fly. I constantly watched youtube videos on how to fly. There were times where I wanted to delete the game because I didn’t how to fly at that time. Then, in February after 6 months I reached expert sever and was really happy to fly there since then, I’ve grown to become in many virtual airlines and become better. Now I’ve also been qualified as IFATC.

If there are any problems with the reports, don’t hesitate to contact me via dm

At the moment I’m flying for BAVA, AFKLM, DLVA, SASVA, MHVA, and IFGA

My advice for people is to not give up your dreams, rather fight for it. Someday you will be there and be happy for not giving up.

If you have any questions about me or to me, my dm is always open.

My roles in Infinite Flight

- IFATC specialist

- Grade 5 pilot

- AFKLM flight instructor