Profile pic explained: I like the alien movies :D

Hey, my name is Jason or by the community, @KindaTartySliceOfPie
I wanna give many thanks for the devs making a wonderful simulator. I also appreciate that they are making the 777W so quickly to make a better experience for us aviation enthusiasts who play IF.
Infinite Flight has been an amazing simulation for me to enjoy flying realistically from airport to airport.

About me,
I am a aspiring aviation geek and lover. My favorite airplanes are the A350, the 737, (both variants) the 777-200 and 300, and the 787-9. I play the clarinet and have a cat named Arlene. I also play Critical Ops. My favorite color is blue and I love pie. I have 3 amazing sisters who are a great example of pure kindness. I love Pusheen the cat :)

My dream is to become an Aeronautical Engineer. I love working with planes and building models. I also want to be a pilot on the side. Flying in a little Cessna 172 is a dream come true for me.

That’s basically it about me. I hope to see you in game or in the community.
And do not be afraid to PM me. I’m always here to help.
Stay safe! I wish you all the best in these uncertain times.
@KindaTartySliceOfPie signing off