Hey! 你好!My name is Kevin Xu. I am 15 years old and I am currently a student. My passion has always been in aviation and I am an aspiring airline pilot. I am an Airbus person but Boeing is great too! I also can speak fluent Mandarin Chinese so shoot me a pm and we can talk in Chinese ;)

Favorite Airlines:
Alaska, Frontier, Hainan 海南航空, China Eastern 东航航空

Favorite Aircraft:
A320-200/neo, Boeing 737-800/900er/max, Boeing 787-8/9, Airbus A330-300/neo

Infinite Flight
-Tag me if you spot me on live (my display name is IFC K3v1nxu)
Grade in IF: 3
Experience XP: 264,295
Flight Time: 387hrs
Violations: 49
Landings: 565

Feel free to ask me questions about myself or aviation and message me if you want to fly!

Also don’t forget to add me on Snapchat at k3v1nxu or follow me on Instagram at k3v1nxu :) [Shameless plug]