Hey I’m JT_Playz! If you are new to the community, then i wish to welcome you and if you need any help, then don’t be afraid to ask/talk to me via PM (Private Message)! I might not be able to respond quickly, but I promise I will!

I like the forum greatly! It truly makes Infinite Flight a whole different game/simulator than most. The community to me is a place to hang out, talk, laugh, express, question, ask, and even argue. (I try to avoid that last one, but if happens will be redirected to a PM.) Don’t be afraid to talk to others here on the community… we don’t bite seriously haha! But enjoy the time you have on here. This is what makes this community different from a forum truly.

Have a safe and fun time here on the forum!

Things I am/want to be:
•Former IFC Regular
•Proud Pilot of the GA Club
•Want to join the Air Force (USAF)
•Learning Spanish (Español)
•Instagram User: @JT_Playz
•CAP Cadet; Ohio Wing; Squadron 706

Happy Landings,

P.S. If it’s your birthday, then you may sometimes see a PM in your inbox. ;)🍰🎂

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