About Me

I, like all of us here, love aviation. I honestly don’t remember what sparked my interest, but I know Infinite Flight was a crucial factor.

I am a virtual Ryanair first officer based in London Stansted, STN/EGSS, in the UK. This means I primarily fly Ryanair, on the 737-800NG, and try to realistically simulate to the highest extend physically possible the day-to-day operation of the aircraft.
I’m not that type of #avgeek who knows where each airline parks what aircraft at each destination. Couldn’t tell ya whether British Airways use a 777-200ER or a A321 from Heathrow to Madrid or whatever. I honestly don’t care about what American’s business class meals are like or anything like that. Dunno how they construct the landing gear of an A380 an’ all that.
What I have strongly focused my interest in is how the aircraft are flown, the physics, the operation and procedures, the training and life of a pilot. I now feel I have extensive knowledge of Ryanair’s SOPs (standard operaing procedures) of the Boeing 737-800NG.

The Infinite Flight Deck Youtube

I have a YouTube channel called The Infinite Flight Deck. This is where you can keep up to date with a lot of Infinite Flight news and events. You’ll also find tutorials on how to make your flying experience even more realistic. It’s all about the realism here.

My Favourite Aviation Quote:

“There are three things that are no good to you in aviation: runway behind you, air above you, and fuel not in your tanks!”

Also, a huge fan of Alpaca Airways if you’ve ever heard of them!🤪 🦙