If you have any questions or concerns in regards to a level 2 & 3 report/violation conducted by myself please do not hesitate to send me a PM. We’ll work it out. ;)

Hi, I’m Asher! I’ve been flying with Infinite Flight for about 7 years now. I love the app and spend as much time as I can on it exploring the globe with others and spending time providing quality ATC services to my fellow pilots and dedicating much time into the IF community. I’m always striving everyday to be better with helping the IFC out and contributing positively on that mindset! It’s something I absolutely love doing knowing I’m helping those in need. If you have any feedback for me to improve on, I’d love to know. Anyways, I live in Los Angeles, California and I have high hopes in becoming a corporate pilot and flying those big Gulfstream private jets as I love exploring and think the corporate aviation industry will satisfy that. At this time I am working to get my PPL and pass my check rides while training in the Czech Sport Cruiser and the iconic C172. My PM inbox is always open to chat so feel more than free to shoot me a PM! Hope to run into you in the skies very soon!

Some things I have accomplished or roles I play in the world of IF

IF Beta Tester - Breaking stuff for your user experience benefit.

IFATC Specialist Controller (officer in training) - Providing you the best possible ATC services on the Expert Server and keeping the skies of IF safe!

IFATC Tester - Attending IFATC candidates and officer trainees practical exams and giving input and feedback.

IFATC Training Group Pilot - Attending training sessions for candidates joining IFATC.

IFAET Member - Editing airports you see in IF.

IFAE Member - Apart of the most professional VO and group of pilots.

ASVA CEO - Head of Alaska Virtual and managing the VA itself.

IFC Regular User - Here to help around the clock with any questions or anything at all in regards to Infinite Flight, the forum itself, aviation questions that can be applied while flying in real life (Student pilot). Feel free to ask me really anything.

Grade 5 Pilot - A very dedicated Infinite Flight user with thousands of hours logged.

Teacher & Head of Former Infinite Flight School Elective Class - I was able to lead my own class in school that taught students the foundation of aviation through IF. Students worked their way up from simple takeoffs and landings to formation flights in the end of the course with each other. Some students still have an active IF sub today.

Dedicated Infinite Flight Instagram Producer - Producing quality images on my social media taking followers along on my journeys.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do you more and become more, you are a leader.”
-John Quincy Adams