Welcome to my bio!


I have had an interest in aviation from a very long time ago. Frankly, I am interested in all means of transport. I make money for the yearly subscription by investing in stocks (Not cryptocurrency, that’s a scam, the conventional market.) I am also a political person - semi-euroskeptic, UN critic, Russian opposition & anti-China. We’re not here for discussing politics, so yeah. Let’s move on!

Relations with Infinite Flight

In Infinite Flight I am pursuing to be an active community member, participating and creating events. I also am trying to build a Virtual Organisation. I am an Infinite Flight user from about 2015 and I’ve loved it ever since. The development and community are great! I may become an Airport Editor in the near future.

Right now I am the CEO of Litair (a VO not yet certified) and a member of IFGAC.

Real World Aviation

For my 2019 birthday, I’ve received a flight. I haven’t redeemed it yet, but stay tuned.

These are the airports I’ve been to if anyone’s interested:

ICAO Country Name
EYVI Lithuania Vilnius International Airport
EYKA Lithuania Kaunas International Airport
EVRA Latvia Riga International Airport
EKCH Denmark Copenhagen Kastrup Airport
EDDN Germany Nuremberg Airport
LFPG France Charles de Gaulle Airport
LFOB France Beauvais-Tille Airport
EGGW UK Luton Airport
LEBL Spain Barcelona El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport
UKBB Ukraine Kyiv Boryspil Airport
LIRA Italy Rome Ciampino Airport
LTBA Turkey Istanbul Ataturk Airport
LTFM Turkey Istanbul Airport
LTAI Turkey Antalya Airport
UGTB Sakartvelo Tbilisi International Airport
OMAA UAE Abu Dhabi International Airport
RJAA Japan Narita International Airport
LBWN Bulgaria Varna Airport
LCLK Cyprus Larnaca International Airport
LGIR Greece Heraklion International Airport
LMML Malta Malta International Airport

Have a nice day!

Credit to KPIT for the profile picture!!