About Me !

Hello IFC, my name is Baptiste, I’m 16 years old and I live in Belgium, I’m passionate about aviation, I’ve been playing Infinite Flight since its beginnings, I stopped playing for a long time (2/3 years) and then I rediscovered the game, I took it and that’s where I am today. I’m the CEO & Founder of VO IFFR - Infinite Flight Francophone (@IFFR_Virtual)

About IFFR - Infinite Flight Francophone

IFFR - Infinite Flight Francophone is a VO that I decided to create with a friend last December. We made the request to IFVARB a first time but some little things were missing, we made another request last May and this time we had everything we needed it was hard but we are now at the stage of “Being Reviewed” and everything is going well.

About my stats

Grade : 4
Name : IPP IFFR - Baba
XP : 1,300,000
Flight Time : + 2000 h
Landing : + 800
Total Flight : + 1100

About my currently VA & VO

I’m in 4 different VA’s:

BAVA - British Airways Virtual
EZYVA - EasyJet Virtual
AFKLM - Air France KLM
NSV - NonStop Virtual
QVG - Qantas Virtual Group

I am present in a VO

IFFR - Infinite Flight Francophone ( CEO & Founder )