Hey all, my name is Koldyn, I am from Alaska, and I’m active here in the Infinite Flight Community. Below is information all about me!

What I Do/have done with Infinite Flight:
Alaska Air Virtual Pilot
American Air Virtual Pilot
…and more!

Infinite Flight Stats:
Grade: 3
XP: ~98,900
Online Flights: 217
Landings: 214
AAVA Hours: ~ 9
ASVA Hours: ~ 41
Infinite Flight Hours: 101

Real World Aviation Facts about me:
I spot at PAFA
I have flown on 3 airlines to 5 airports on 5 types of aircraft.
All of my flights have originated/terminated at Fairbanks International Airport.
I have flown PAFA-PANC 7 times with Alaska Airlines.
My Favorite Airline: Alaska Airlines
My Favorite Livery: Alaska Airlines “Honoring Those Who Serve”
My Favorite Airport: Anchorage International Airport

Other stuff about me:
I am 14 and a Freshman in High School
I have lived in Alaska for all my life (14 years and counting)
Music Addict. Favorite Genre: Rap
There’s a lot more about me, if you want to talk about me with me, don’t hesitate to shoot me a PM! :)

And that’s about it. If you ever want to fly with me, talk about Fairbanks Intl Airport, or just talk with me, feel free to shoot me a PM! My inbox is always open :)

Thanks, and enjoy blue skies and tailwinds,
Koldyn W.

Callsigns: AAVA343, ASVA127, IFAK