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Welcome to my profile!

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Some cool facts about me

I have been in the community since July 19, 2015
I was previously known in the community as @SingaporeAirlines
I’m 17 years old
I live in an archipelago located in Southeast Asia
I’m an IFATC Controller since end of 2017 until end of 2019 (I was demoted due to inactivity). Then became an IFATC again by the end of 2019 until now
I love K-Pop and K-Drama alot, in fact being an idol is one of my dream
Wannabe twin of NCT Dream’s Lee Jeno
I stan TWICE, IZ*ONE, BLACKPINK, GFriend, NCT (Dream and 127), and Red Velvet
If you have any questions about Infinite Flight or K-Pop, don’t hesitate to ask me

How did I discover Infinite Flight?

It all started back in the 2015. I was a Big Hero 6 fanboy at that time, and I met someone from the fandom who was a fan of aviation. Initially, I wasn’t that interested in aviation, let alone listening to the avgeek talk. Then my friend showed me Infinite Flight, and I thought the game was pretty legit. I decided to try it out and spend my pocket money to buy the application. Infinite Flight was nowhere as expensive as today by then hahaha. I was satisfied with the application and couldn’t live with it in the first few months. And I slowly becoming an Aviation Geek until today.

See you all in the skies!

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