Hello! đź‘‹

Personal Life
My name is Gavin, I am 15 years old and in the 10th grade. I was bitten by the “aviation bug” about 5 1/2 years ago when I stumbled across a video on YouTube about Captain Sullenberger’s spectacular landing on the Hudson River. Ever since then I have always had my eyes looking up at the sky and dreamed to become a commercial pilot! My home airport is KMSP and by reading this you agree to do a realistic flight out of there at least once ;)

Infinite Flight History
I purchased Infinite Flight soon after finding my passion for aviation, so about 4 1/2 years ago as well. I started like most people flying the Boeing 747 from KNUC-KLAX pre-global and not caring about violations or anything really. However, a lot has changed since then ⬇

Current Infinite Flight/Community
Currently, I am grade 5 and try to be as realistic with my flight as possible (EX: Routes, airlines, aircraft, airport procedures, etc,) I am definitely a commercial airliner person so you will rarely see me flying GA or military Aircraft. I found this awesome community about three years ago and have loved every minute of it! I have plans to at some point become a regular…My PM box is always open for anything you might need!

Fun Facts
Favorite Airline: Southwest (As of right now)

Favorite Airport (Besides KMSP): KATL

If you made it to the end of this you deserve a virtual cookie, so here you go 🍪