I am more of a helicopter guy then a plane guy but I do love planes. There is not really a good helicopter sim on Mobile. I live on a ranch near a Bandera Texas. I love fishing and hunting. My dad owns two helicopters. An R44 and an R22. He flys them for work purposes. My dad pilots one of the helicopters while someone shoots animals out of the helicopter with a net gun. Then we will put those animals in a trailer and bring them to other ranches to sell. I am part of the ground crew. I do get a bunch of time in the air every trip to get from our takeoff spot from our trailer to the home of the ranchowner. I also sometimes go up in the R22 if we bring 2 helicopters and I need to help spot deer. You can check out our website at . I live an hour and a half away from my school which sucks but I manage. I have some pretty cool videos and pictures of us capturing deer out of the helicopter. Also if you want some cool photos check out our netgunners instagram page at @c_barrett91. All in all a pretty crazy life of waking up at 4am everyday to fly helicopters and sometimes even shoot out of a helicopter.

Main Achievements:

Biggest Mule Deer in Texas (Already passed by now)

Cold and Dark start of the R-22 Beta II at a young age

Delivering the homecoming Game Ball out of a Helicopter for my school

My IG: @traceatkinson