Past roles:

Not so interesting facts
I am a jaded adult nearing 26y/o, unemployed for 3 years, USD30,000 in-debt. Failed many attempts in entering the aviation sector and have since stopped pursuing aviation as a career.

Clinically depressed for 7 years and currently recovering since starting therapy a year ago.

Where am I now
Aviation still intrigues me in many ways but I have healthily turned my interest in fundamental aerodynamics to sailing, applying the same concept of aerodynamic forces to move sailboats.

I own 2 lovebirds, the beauty and foundation of natural flight.

Additional info
As a failure in society, I spend many hours in recluse. However, I am starting to pick up traditional sword fighting, learning blacksmithing and sailing. My hopes is that I can become a pirate!

I like talking to people, so if you feel down and a failure, need a listening ear, I’ll be happy to listen.

Thanks for viewing my profile, boring but maybe relatable ¯_(ツ)_/¯