A bit about me:
Currently, I am 15 and a sophomore in high school. I live near Lebanon NH, USA.

My timeline:
I downloaded infinite flight sometime in mid 2016. I was already interested in aviation, and I wanted a flight simulator that could run on the hardware I had at the time. I immediately fell in love with the app for it’s realistic design, something most other mobile simulators don’t have.

I purchased live in early 2017 and floundered on the training server for a bit until I discovered the IFC, as well as YouTube tutorials. I then flew for Aerosync as a passenger pilot for almost a year until late spring 2018 when school became too much and I was forced into inactivity. In June 2018 I broke my tablet and was completely inactive on Infinite Flight and the IFC for about 3 months.

I have recently returned to the IFC and IF. Sadly, Aerosync has been shut down and I was not there to wish it farewell. I have also lost most of the skills I had developed during my years of playing IF. I hope to come back better than ever, soaring through the skies with the best of 'em.

See you in the sky