Hello Im The Founder Of USA ATC Blake,

Here is a little about our server!

Our Server has some of the busiest airports frequencies which we will host live atc sessions were you all as aviators unless your pilots can have all of the Realistic communications between ATC except your on a simulator! Another great thing about our Server is that WE SUPPORT ALL SIMS! X-Plane, FSX (flight sim 2020 C: ), IF and RFS! Though our base sim is IF since it is the more popular and cheeper option! If you’d like to get atc services from a different sim just when you announce your intentions on the active ATC channel’s just say your sim!! We also TEACH ATC so if you are wanting to join IFATC let us know and we’d love to teach you! Our only instructors are people who have IRL experience and or are ATC IRL!
We do both Voice ATC and Regular in game ATC

I also am the host of a new podcast called The Touchdown Zone!! We discuss everything Aviation related meaning sims news you name it we will do it!! The podcast will soon be available on all platforms that you can listen to a podcast! Go see it with the link below:

About me Im a IRL Pilot In Training and I fly RV8’s C172’s DA40 and DA42’s!