Hello, Infinite Flight Community!!

Are you a skilled Infinite Flight pilot who is interested in joining a highly respected, professional, prestigious Virtual Airline? If so, consider applying for UPS Virtual. UPS Virtual is a cargo-based Virtual Airline that offers its pilots a plethora of opportunities to grow within the Infinite Flight Community, the Live Servers, and the Virtual Airline itself. We are proud of our constantly-growing fleet, consisting of Cessna, Boeing, Airbus, Daher, and McDonnell-Douglas aircraft. For more information on the airline, check out our main thread on the Forums!

UPS Virtual offers a professional environment in which pilots can learn, improve on, and master their flying skills. It is built on the idea that pilots in Infinite Flight should be allowed to fly wherever and whenever they please, allowing absolute freedom. You choose your own adventure! Unlike the majority of Infinite Flight’s virtual airlines, pilots who are hired to fly for UPS Virtual are immediately granted permission to fly on any of our established routes using any of our cargo aircraft; there is no hierarchy of pilot privileges!

Staff members and pilots alike are continually active on the Infinite Flight Live servers and on Slack, and are always willing to help their fellow pilots and community members. We have members spanning the entire surface of the globe. Once you join, you will quickly realize we’re all members of a great big UPS family!

The President and staff are eager to constantly work on improving the environment for UPS Virtual’s pilots, and are already working on multiple beneficial projects. Stay tuned for some great improvements!