An aviation enthusiast who still got a lot to learn about it. i like retro liveries and old-style planes as well as new planes. planes like concorde look real nice. I don’t live near any major airport so I can’t really do much plane spotting (something I really want to do). I first flew on my first birthday (i think) but cause I was only 1 I didn’t really know what I was in until about 3 that’s when I got interested in flying (when I first flew AA -American airlines- to my cousin’s house). Sometimes when I go on holidays, the most interesting part of the holiday is actually flying there, and to be honest I actually find the best part of holidays is getting to and from the destination by plane because I like it that much.

Infrequently Asked Questions

What’s your favourite airline?
BRITISH AIRWAYS and Emirates too but I want to fly other good airlines like Qatar airways and Singapore airlines
What’s your favourite airport?
Heathrow (London), but other airports I like is Dubai International, and O.R Jambo international airport (Johannesburg)
Do you play IF everyday?
Well only when I have subscription, otherwise not really, but even if I do have a sub, sometimes I don’t
Favourite categories?
Real world aviation, spotting, screenshots and videos and events category are me favourites

Other stuff

i watch air crash investigation, top gear (old 2002 - 2015)/The Grand Tour, University Challenge, sometimes grand designs and a bunch of other shows occasionally
I have been playing IF since late 2012 (December)
Former Regular (for like a month)
Formerly known as wingmandude
I also play Airport CEO, cool game
I like many methods of transport such as boats, trains, buses, cars, and yeah more, although I mostly know about planes, other stuff I’m familiar but not the most knowledgable in it.

                        ok bye