6/1720 FTVA has now become approved. I’m so glad to be part of such a great VA! I hope you all like it and consider joining! I was formerly the COO but now I’m the Asst. COO and Vice President!

My Roles In Infinite Flight:

My Qualifications:

About Me:

My name is Jacob and I have been playing infinite flight for about 6 years which went by really fast. I really like Infinite Flight because of the staff and the community which is what your on right now. It is amazing to see how far it has come. I don’t remember why I joined the community but I’m glad I did. I remember my first post was on Den_Airport’s first event in Rome. That seems like it was only a few days ago. I’m very happy that I can share some knowledge here for other fellow members to read and learn. I became a Regular on July 27th 2019 which was amazing. I remember waking up at my grandparents house and seeing 32 DiscourseHub notifications. I have found so many good people here with my same interest and never regretted joining the community!

I’ve always been fascinated by aviation and hope to be a future pilot. I have been in the air many times and enjoyed every second of it. When I’m in the air all the stress and worries fly away. I am currently working towards my Private Pilots License so I can get that right away. I have a lot of experience in aviation for my age and I hope to take advantage of that.

Quick Facts

Thanks for checking out my bio. Feel free to PM me whenever to just chat or ask questions. I’m open.

Have A Great Day!