Since my bio was deleted before, I should probably log on once more and pray that I can express my thoughts.

As of October 21st 2020, I’ve chosen to leave Infinite Flight, and on very bad terms. To avoid having my bio deleted once again, I’ll leave out what the moderators did to me.

A quote that perfectly describes how I feel would come from a man known as @Nick_Art. As he explains, the moderator team has taken a turn for the worst;

This community used to be great. It isn’t anymore. I was here as one of the first even before the forums were originally created and the way the community, as well as the moderator team, developed itself saddens me.
Thinking outside of the box is frowned upon, criticizing is seen as Blasphemy. No disagreeing with mods, follow and agree with every questionable decision taken and don’t dare to argue any counter opinion.
Fun is mandatory or you will face the consequences.

No fun for anyone here, goodbye. 👋