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I am the Routes Officer at the newly made Aeroflot VA

My profile backround that you see is grandjean summit In the Sawtooth mountains in Idaho USA.

Make sure to check out my YouTube channel, linked here, it’s all about aviation.

I am a grade 3 pilot on IF and am currently trying to find less expensive ways to get my ppl, I have been flying the infinite flight skies since june 2019 when I first bought the simulator. You can usually see me flying cessna’s around canada and idaho during the weekends. I am also a cadet in the wonderful civil air patrol and working on my promotions and getting o-rides.
I also am an avid hiker who loves mountains.
I am in the mountain timezone and you can expect the fastest response between 1700Z and 2500Z. Happy landings…Juan.

Oh you though I was done with my Bio DIDN’T YOU!?

My beleifs

Im a god loving christian
Im a Patriot
Black Lives Matter
Police shouldnt be defunded.
I respect every race
Im anti political correctness
I may not agree with the LGBTQ community but I wont abuse them and will treat them equally.
Stereotypes are hilarious as long as they dont go too far

Ok now im done talking Pms are always open and happy flying.