G’day! And welcome to my Bio!

My name is Riley. I’ve loved aviation since I was very little, and I’ve been playing IF for 8 years (pretty long right?). Ok, let’s move on.

Ok uhhh let’s get to the basics shall we?

Aviation Goals in the future:

Now there’s a few other things I’m really interested in, such as sport, motorsport, cars, and so on. I personally like Boeing over Airbus, as well as yoke being far better than sidestick. I like the 737 over A320 and the 787 over A350.

Alrighty then! There’s my full bio! I know it’s not big, but it might help you at least learn one thing about me. Oh and for those who read the whole thing and/or seen this part of my bio, here’s a cookie freshly made just then: