Hey, I’m RednoseHeavy,

I classify myself as a content creator in Infinite Flight specialised on movies. It became a big passion for me to create cinematic videos on my YouTube channel with my friends and community.

I’m also quite active in the Virtual Airlines business!
Since December 2018, when I entered British Airways Virtual, I was able to log over 300 hours as a Grade 5 pilot for that amazing Virtual Airline.
Since June 2019 I’m busy with a special task for LOT Virtual in order to rebuild the dissolved VA and bring it back on track as their new CEO.

I feel comfortable with Adobe software and Web Design. I really appreciate that I can show creativity that way!

The aviation is a big passion for me and I want to become a part of it one day. I do also sometimes planespotting at my home airports Munich (EDDM) and Salzburg (LOWS).