Hey there.

My name is Nick, (Formally known as InfiniteNick), and I’m just your average human being and spherical earther.

I haven’t been active very lately on here, but I stilll try to maintain some flights in the simulator. Sorry if I respond late to PMs.

I live in the state of Virginia, with the an airport called KRIC (Richmond International Airport). I wouldn’t call myself a frequent flyer at all, since I usually fly once or twice a year. I’d say I’m somewhat Bias to Google- okay, I am fully bias to Google. I’m a proud Pixel 2 owner, and I’ll never regret going the Google route. Samsung and Apple aren’t even close.

Still not entirely sure why people stop by to read this, because Apple and Samsung users would get offended quite easily. Sorry, not sorry.

In other news, I heard Pepsi is the dominate soda brand.