I’ve been into aviation from as young as I can remember. First memory of planes was an airshow in my hometown. It was the loudest thing I’d ever heard, but I was hooked! Seeing those planes race around the sky blew my mind!

I’ve been on simulators since the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 95. Before coming over to Infinite Flight, the last simulator I used was X-Plane. I enjoyed and still do occasionally, but the flexibility and portability of this platform makes it really enjoyable.

I’m a frequent flyer with a few airlines and have seen quite a bit of the world. Still many places to go though! I’ve flown in and out of most of the major hubs in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Biggest plane I’ve flown in is the A380. The smallest was a Cessna 150. Unlike many, I enjoy Boeing and Airbus almost equally :D

I hope to begin the process of becoming a pilot within the next year and I hope to see you in the Infinite Sky very soon!