Hello IFC,

Welcome on my profile page!

As an aviation lover and enthusiast I’ve been on the community since the summer of 2017, really loving the IF Simulator for quite some time now. I live in the city of Amsterdam close to EHAM actually, which is really fun. I can see the airplanes come in for rwy 27 right in front of my house at around 5nm out (right when they deploy the landing gear).

For the simulator I’m currently exclusively using my Lenovo Tab4 10" tablet, which works great. No such a great fan of playing IF on a mobile phone. Must be a tablet for me, cosidering the size difference. But I’m actually planning on getting the new flagship tablet of Samsung Tab S7, 8GB RAM next month (waiting for Black Friday 😅), to be getting the most out of my IF experience.

Currently I’m a senior captain at DLVA and also fly very regularly for AFKLM, two well known and respected VA’s within the IF Community. Proud to be a part of those. At DLVA I’m also honoured to be a hub captain and keeping track of real-life airline routes and helping other IF pilots out.

I just recently joined IFATC and got through all the checks and tests to become a Tower and Ground controller on the Expert Server. Hoping to provide you with the best ATC Service, I can’t wait to give you the clearance to enjoy this wonderful Flights Simulator and it’s helpfull community.