Life is a long-haul flight and I intend to fly high.

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I’m Mike Lima Tango, also known as MLT! I’m an aviation enthusiast and frequent flyer on Infinite Flight. Join me as I share with you my flights filled with challenges, fun, and professionalism. To follow my progress check out the links below, drop me a sub and a follow! (it’s for free)

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About me:
I am half German and half English but grew up in the outskirts of Munich in Bavaria, Germany. Apart from being an aviation addict, I am also a football fanatic and a long loving supporter of BVB. I bleed black and yellow. #HejaBVB. If I’m not studying Business Law, scoring screamers in football, or singing my heart out in musical theatre, you’ll find me in the cockpit.

Airbus or Boeing?
For me it’s got to be airbus. As Lufthansa predominantly use Airbus aircraft such as the A320 series, the Whale, and now even the racoon, I kind of grew up flying Lufthansa’s extensive Airbus fleet, thus I’m more of an Airbus kind of guy.

Favourite aircraft in IF?
Definitely the B787 series. They are just the highest quality aircraft in the game, although the live cockpit of the A320 series makes the popular short haul a serious competitor. Once the A350 is released, it will be my new favourite aircraft. From what I’ve seen from the IF development line, the guys behind it are doing a fantastic job!

Favourite real life aviation experience?
This has to be my first flight with the Whale, Lufthansa’s A380 from Frankfurt to Singapore. An amazing aircraft that I just felt so comfortable in flying, I’ll never forget it. I also got a peek into the cockpit after the purser invited me in :)

For any other inquiries, interests, or casual convos, message me @Mike_Lima_Tango and for any business inquires mail MikeLimaTango3110@gmail.com!