Hey there, glad you stopped by!

I‘m a Glider Pilot from Germany and an avgeek ever since. You can find me on the Forum almost every day, it really is my favorite place to chat and inform about aviation, simulation, and other things. Of course you also find me in the Infinite Skies, display name is CptMats.

Some info about me:
Favorite plane: Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus (it’s a glider)
Favorite jet airliner: must be the A340-600!
Favorite airline: Lufthansa
Favorite destination: München Franz-Joseph Strauß Intl. [EDDM], overseas it’s San Diego [KSAN]

PM me if you have any questions or complaints, I’ll try to respond ASAP!
(Auch gerne auf Deutsch, falls dir das lieber sein sollte.)

Always Happy Landings,