I take flights for the experience, not the convenience” - Luke_Sta 2020

Hey all, my name is Luke, I am from Colorado, and I’m active here in the Infinite Flight Community. Below is information all about me!

What I Do/have done with Infinite Flight:
IFATC Specialist - I can help with Level 2/3 Violation appeals issued by me, shoot me a message :)
IFAE Member
Southwest Virtual Top Pilot + Top Flight Gold + A-List Prefered member
American Virtual Senior Commander + Concierge Key Recipient
Delta Virtual Captain
Plane and Pilot staff member.
Member of IFC’s Triple S
…and more!

I am a mediocre plane spotter, and I spot at KDEN, KBJC, and KAPA.

Other stuff about me:
I am 15 and a Sophomore in High School
I am a triplet
I have lived in Colorado for all my life (15 years and counting)
I was born exactly 101 years after the Wright Brother’s first flight
Music Addict. Favorite Genre(s): Vaporwave/Synthwave, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock
There’s a lot more about me, if you want to talk about me with me, don’t hesitate to shoot me a PM! :)

And that’s about it. If you ever want to fly with me, talk about Denver’s Airport, or just talk with me, feel free to shoot me a PM! My inbox is always open :)

Thanks, and enjoy blue skies and tailwinds,