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About me

As you can tell, my name is Julius, I’m 21 years old and am currently studying Engineering in Stuttgart, Germany. I’ve lived in Australia, South Africa and Mexico and am generally interested in all kinds of different cultures and languages.

My passion for aviation started back in 2015, when I did an internship at Airbus and worked in the A350 wing production line. Not being a huge computer guy back then, I looked for flight simulators on the AppStore and stumbled across various “games” until I finally found Infinite Flight. And I was hooked!
In early 2017 I began the process of joining IFATC. Starting slow as an Apprentice, I worked myself up and can now, 2 years later, call myself a Supervisor and I love my “job”. There are so many great, knowledgable people from all over the world that work hard every day to deliver a flawless service to the pilots. The coordination and dedication by the team is outstanding.

If you have any questions regarding the process of joining IFATC/IFAE, or just want to talk about aviation or life itself, shoot me message!
I always have an open door!

I speak German, English, Spanish and a little French, so if you’re struggling with the English in our tutorials, feel free to ask, I’m happy to translate!

Don´t want to bore you anymore now… Thank your for stopping by on my profile and enjoy your day!

Happy Flying

Username: Julius - IFAE