Hiya whoever is reading this, my name is Jack, I’m English, 16 and part of the LGBTQIA+ 🏳️‍🌈 Community. I am originally from Ireland but moved to England when i was around 4-5.


I have a huge passion for aviation that not many people close to me know about. I really love dogs, they’re just so damn cute lmao.

Me as a Person

I seem very nervous, awkward and annoying when you first meet me and while i am defo all those things, i am also kinda funny, goofy and i like to think of myself as smart but i doubt it 🤣.

Aviation Preferences

For travelling within the UK and around europe, i would have to say that either Wizz air or easyJet are my favourites. However Globally, I would have to say i prefer Eva Air 🇹🇼 or ANA 🇯🇵. I always get asked, out of the big 3 American carriers, which do you prefer, and hands down Delta Airines is the best for travelling within the USA but where they fall short is their Transatlantic offering. In my opinion, if your flying from The UK to US, i would recommend flying a British carrier, like Virgin Atantic as it offers more for a similar price. 🙂.

I have lots of favourites when if comes to aircraft type. For short haul flying, for me, the A320 Family really takes the cake as it’s comfortable, looks hella cool and lots of airlines operate the type. For Medium haul flying, the B757 is my favourite. Mainly because it is literally a flying pencil 🤣, the roar of the Rolls Royce RB-211 on takeoff is just 🤤 and it just has such a diverse operator history. With regards to long haul flying, the B747 Series is my all time favourite because, lets face it, its an iconic legacy ✈️, especially the early series like the -100/-200✨.

K thanks bye 💅