An Aviation Enthusiast with a Live Pro Subscription on the marvelous Infinite Flight.

I am an IFATC Officer - Can control all frequencies

VA: South African Airways
I am the Deputy CEO and Head of ATC at South African Airways Virtual.

Now my life story ;
I got Infinite Flight back in 2014.
I had it for about a month then I got Live.
I never knew anything about flight simulators, so i just quit.
Back in November 2016, I was looking for a flight simulator and remembered I had purchased Infinite Flight.
I got a new Live subscription in December.
And renewed it to Live+ in March 2017.
In May, I joined the community.
In July, I became a part of IFATC.
In August, I joined SAAVA as a member of staff.
Also in October, I was offered the position of Deputy CEO at SAAVA.
In February of 2018, I became an IFATC Officer.
March 2018, renewed my new Live subscription to the “pro” version from the previous Plus+ version.
Of March 2019, renewed my Live Pro subscription once more.

Thanks for reading.
Have a wonderful day !