Hey I'm Hussain! my previous name was Hussain_aqeel_tech_s, but now it's changed, I'm the CEO of Finnair Virtual! I love Aviation and IF! Airbus and Boeing 4 Life! (yea, I can't choose) A350 and B787 are my favourite Aircraft, if you see someone with the name "IPP HardlandingH", you found me! I'm a grade 4 pilot and am a part of 2 amazing VAs:

and 2 VOs:

Some friends I’ve made in IF can be:

Thank you for checking out my profile! Have a great

Favourite Quote:

“I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid.”

-Spencer Shay, iCarly

Below are the flights I’ve flown on Infinite Flight! I’ve done tons more before the ones listed below, this banner shows all flights September 5th, 2020 onwards.

My Flightdiary.net profile