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Suggestion to the IF Gods...

Casual Server: requires Grade1 (No ATC Services available)
Training Server 1: requires Grade1 (ATC Services available). ATC has no power to ghost. 3 x reports required to ghost.
Expert Server (ATC): requires Grade3. ATC has power to ghost as they will all be IFATC certified.

If I have summarised the above correctly, here are my two cents

I get the impression many want a TS1 that is full of rule abiding, and knowledgeable players, and with that... a room with many players as well.

That said, it also sounds like the Expert room is lacking many players to make it more enjoyable.
If there were more people in Expert, I am guessing this topic would not have spawned.


(1) Plead with the developers to change the requirement for TS1 to be Grade2 or Grade3. And tweak the parameters of how Grade2 and Grade3 can be achieved. This will hopefully allow only seasoned newbies through who will less likely do cartwheels on the runway. If they want to do cartwheels there is always the Casual Server.

(2) Serious players should avoid TS1 and stick to Expert.
If the numbers remain too low to enjoy the Expert room, that I would say reflects the type of players IF is attracting (ie the non-seroius types are the majority)... or... the parameters to get into Expert are set too high to allow certain serious players in.

For the latter, a way around this could be for the devs to introduce an alternative requirement that will allow a Grade1 or Grade2 into Expert if they are vouched for by 2 x Grade3 or Grade4 players. This would be per session. I don't know the easiest mechanism for that but it could be in the form of 2x Grade3 players who are live in the Expert environment will receive an ATC like message from the Grade1 player attempting to get into the Expert Server. Grade1 player will need to enter their Call Signs (assuming this is unique within IF) of the 2 x Grade3s and they would have to acknowledge the Grade1 to let them in. If the Grade1 player misbehaves in Expert, they will simply get ghosted. If that happens then that Grade1 player is unable to access Expert for a minimum period of perhaps 1 week or 1 month etc.