Want to know about me? :)

Okayy hello everyone…✋
My name is Fariz Rizky Fadhilah, i come from Indonesia. By the way, hmmm…you can call me “Riz, Fariz, or Rizky”, I like aviation since child, besides, my favorite plane is Boeing 777, why I love Boeing 777😃✈? because the Boeing 777 is a nice and cool plane, in terms of design, and looks that look elegant and perfect, if I’m playing, Infinite Flight, I always fly with Boeing 777. In addition, I also like animals like cats, and also birds. My reason I like cats is, on the part of a cute mustache, funny and adorable. In addition I also like birds because birds can whistle and make a sometimes unique sound. And my hobbies are, play games, play soccer, and also listen to music. Beside, in real life I was an rover scout. And the last. From childhood I like photography and like to capture the picture and moment. So i like photography when I was 7 years old. Sometimes I use a smartphone or camera that I use while taking photos

Maybe that, introductions, from me. I am happy to join this IFC forum

Thank you for visiting my account guys hehehe🙂😉🙏

Infinite Flight

By the end of 2013, I first discovered Infinite Flight, when I was looking for the best flight simulator, and finally, I found Infinite Flight, which is available for two versions, android and iOS, I initially saw Infinite Flight, looks cool, but not so well understood with the buttons on Infinite Flight, after I saw it from the gameplay and image, and finally, it made me interested to try Infinite Flight, when I first played Infinite Flight, my first practice, like takeoff and landed well, how to handle crosswind and so on, Over time, I like Infinite Flight, even me with Infinite Flight, like friends, that can not be separated, and here’s my story when it comes to Infinite Flight😉

Nearest Airport : BDO/WICC (HSN)✈🙂

In real life :

🌏⚜️Rover Scouts⚜️🌏🏕
📷Like Photography but i’m still amateur hehehe😁☺📷
✈Spotter BDO/WICC✈

Have a nice day

Others :
Instagram : @fariz.fadhilah
Facebook : @Fariz Rizky Fadhilah
My account at flightplandatabase : https://flightplandatabase.com/u/Fariz01