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Hello! I currently live in Hong Kong!

Due to my time zones please contact me at around 0300Z-1600Z as I am most active at that time. Thanks!


IF stuff
I am a grade 3 pilot in with 280-ish hours. Not bad for 6 months of flying eh?
Quite some XP

Hong Kong Realism Police

PM me for a group flight! I always enjoy group flying!

I am most active in the summer. Apparently a thing called school exists.

Outside of Infinite flight but still aviation stuff:
I have a model plane collection! You can PM me for a photo if you want

But IRL I started to like aviation when I lived in Shanghai. Me being born in Hong Kong with all my relatives I had to come back a few times a year sparking my interest in aviation.

Thank you for making it so far! Have a Virtual Cookie :cookie:
Updated 18th of October