I used to to love this community, I would be checking here everyday to see the new topics being posted, but now that has changed. I have played Infinite Flight for the last 4 years and joined the community in July 2016, but I am leaving the IFC forever and here are the reasons why:

  1. Regulars
    There are many regulars in this community that are friendly and nice people, but there are also many that are “salty”. There is a large amount of regulars here who will reply to any post with non-constructive criticism, talking about how there’s no need for the topic, even though it could just be some member updating the community with news from some airline, or any sort of aviation related event, the only time something doesn’t belong on this community is if it’s racist, sexist etc. (offensive to somebody), or non-aviation related (unless posted in the regular lounge).

  2. Moderators
    Moderators are one of the faces of the community, many of them are great and do their jobs correctly, but I have heard from many others and from my experience here, that there are some mods in this community, that believe that since they enforce the rules here, means they are not subject to them, in the odd chance that a “strange” topic is posted, i’ve seen many mods make nasty remarks, that the member could be offended by.

    I and other members of the IFC have had problems with some of the members of the IFVARB. In short, people have said that the IFVARB are lousy, slow and non-dedicated. This is the main reason I have stepped down as a VA owner, I believe the IFVARB is a good idea to prevent unprofessional VA’s from making their way onto the IFC, but we need a member switch up.

  4. False suspensions
    There are 2 people that I am good friends with that have been falsely suspended from the IFC, both of them have been suspended for trolling, which neither of them have either done and they despise of this behaviour, many other people that I know have tried to stand up for these falsely suspended members but have been ignored, even the falsely suspended members have been ignored when they are trying to prove their innocence.

I am standing up for the people that have been subjected to the things mentioned above, and it’s up to the members here to help make the IFC a better place.

Please do not remove this, this is not hate speech, this is my honest opinion of what I think of the IFC, I am not personally attacking anybody, and I hold nothing personal against anybody who fits into the categories of things above, I just think that we need a change here