Hello there! 👋

I am an IFATC Specialist, and ex community regular. I spent a couple of years flying in computer simulators, and used to be a TWR/GND/DEL controller on VATSIM.

However, I have since earned my private pilot license, and therefore do not see the appeal of simulating every single thing that goes into a flight; since I get enough of that in real life. That is where Infinite Flight appeals to me. It is realistic to the point where you are able to apply actual skills, but it doesn’t take 30+ minutes to prepare for a flight — and is generally much more relaxing. There are plenty of other reasons why I prefer Infinite Flight, but that is the main reason why you will see me here, and not on VATSIM.

With that said, I will still simulate a lot of the real life procedures that I have learned from computer simulators, and my previous flight instructor — who is an international airline pilot. More often than not, I am even mirroring a real life flight. 😮

So… what does this all mean?

Although I may not be the most active pilot in Infinite Flight, I strive to be one of the most professional.