Hi, I’m Cade!

Here’s what I do Within The IF Community:
Infinite Flight Airport Editor
GAF Captain / ACM Instructor
IFGN Commander/ ACM Instructor
DynamX Right Wing/ Formation Instructor

Future Plan:
Going to The AirForce as an F-22 Pilot.
After Retirement Working With Boeing/NASA as an Aerospace Engineer.

Extra Notes: As you can tell, aviation means a lot to me. I’m in 3 Demo Teams, (Yellow Thunder FSX, EDragons FSX, DynamX IF) and I’m also in the 31st TES In GAF. (2nd Lt. “LOWRIDER” Norris)

I founded the EDRAGONS Demo Team.

Science and Maths Mean A Lot to me, and I’m currently working on a truly accurate Total Fuel Calculator For IF.