Not as active

Things ya might wanna know bout meh:
Favorite Aircraft:
GA: Cessna CX
Short Haul: Q400
Medium Haul: Boeing B757-200
Long Haul: Boeing B777-300ER

Been playing for: 5 1/2 years
Favorite Airline: Air New Zealand
Home Airport: KSNA
Favorite video game: Red Dead Redemption 2 baby!!
City facts: We invented Overwatch, and have the headquarters of In-N-Out, Tacobell, The Habit, Blizzard Entertainment, Sega (NA division), Toshiba (NA division), Ruby’s Diner, Samsung (IT and Printing), Ford Motor Company (West Coast division) and many more.

I am kind of an av-geek, but my real passion is railroading. Anyways, I love planes trains and that sorta thing. I’m Part African-American, and part Kiwi, so I have an accent that the girls love. I love basiclly anything that intrigues me. Wendover Productions has to be my favorite informational YT channel. I’m from SoCal, so I also love the beach, my personal favorites are Venice Beach, and Santa Monica Beach. My favorite mod is 🦌 crusher. So, that’s all you need to know about me! My PM box is always open!

Fun facts about me!:

My Goals:
Become Grade 5:
Become an IFC regular:
Do a fly-around-the-world:

You’ve heard enough about me! Now go off, fly your pressurized metal tube with wings!