CEO of the Admirals Alliance Group, an informal meeting spot for commercial aviation enthusiasts around the world.

Our organization links the Americas, Middle East, and Asia seamlessly by flying LATAM & Subsidiaries (LAN, LAN Cargo, TAM Airlines), Qatar Airways, and Singapore Airlines & Subsidiaries (Scoot, SilkAir).

Our dramatic reach provides access to thousands of flights along with a diverse fleet of aircraft.

We encourage you to DM us for more information on participating.

Please note we are not affiliated with official Infinite Flight organisations, real-world or virtual airlines.

Former Director of Improvement Ops at Air France-KLM Virtual Group. Road warrior based in NYC. 1.6 million miles butt-in-seat (ouch) as of 05/2020. Meme and A330 lover, occasional planespotter, and cat dad. Say hey! 👋🏼